Description of this Slim Sandwich design Square Toilet Seat of SU022
SU022S is a unique square movable toilet seat produced for the Idevit Ceramic. Its special shape stands out.
The comfortable toilet seat is made of high-quality Duroplast, this material is more durable than ordinary plastics. The surface of the toilet seat is smooth and easy to clean and is strongly protected against discoloration.
Our toilet seat is ergonomically designed to make your hips perfect and comfortable to touch with the seat and increase comfort during prolonged use.
The toilet seat has the silent soft-close function, close slowly to avoid collisions between the toilet seat and the toilet, thus creating a silent effect and avoid getting stuck and hurt your fingers.
The toilet seat is quick release and easy to install, the lid can be removed from the glasses by pressing a button for easy cleaning.
The toilet seat has adjustable 360° stainless steel hinge, you can rotate the hinges 360 degrees and adjust the toilet seat to the most appropriate position. Looking forward to your inquiry about a comfortable slim movable sandwich design square toilet seat.

Parameters of this Slim Sandwich design Square Toilet Seat of SU022
This toilet seat dimension is 432*368*55mm.
This product has a hard surface, so it has scratch-resistant properties.
This toilet seat also has UV-resistance, so it will not easily turn yellow.
The guarantee of the soft-close function can reach 100,000 times.
The guarantee of the quick release function can reach 30,000 times.
The toilet seat is antibacterial.
The toilet seat is flame resistant.
The hinge can rotate 360°
This toilet seat can hold up to more than 300 kg. 
Pictures of this Slim Sandwich design Square Toilet Seat of SU022

Slim Sandwich design Square Toilet Seat
Slim Sandwich design Square Toilet Seat

 Slim Sandwich design Square Toilet Seat



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