Sunten SH001G toilet tank inwall concealed cistern for wall-hung WC

One-piece molding of HDPE material, high strength, high density, no leakage.
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    Xiamen, Fujian, China
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Sunten SH001G toilet tank inwall concealed cistern for wall-hung WC

Place of Origin:

Fujian, China Concealed Tank
Brand Name: OEM/ODM
Model Number: SH001G
Feature: Concealed Tank, Dual-Flush
Type: High Cistern
Toilet Tank Material: HDPE
Product Name: Concealed Cistern
Height: 1140+120mm
Certifications: Water
Width: 80mm
Length: 580mm
Flush Volume: 4.5/3, 3/6, 2/4 L
Frame: 240*150*20mm
Flush Plate: Chromed, White, Black, Matte

Delivery Date:

25-30 days
Accept video for exploration factory and video call to introduce products
concealed cisternconcealed cisternconcealed cistern toilet tank

toilet tank accessories

Number Item

Functions That Can Be Satisfied

1 Certification

National standard GB26730-2011, Australia AS1172.2-2014, has passed the Australian Watermark certification


Overflow Capacity

According to GB26730-2011, supporting blow molding water tank test, feed water into the water tank at a flow rate of 20L/min±0.2L/min (0.5MP), and the overflow water level SL-OL distance is 9-10mm (standard requirement ≤20mm)


Flush Volume

Flush setting can meet 6/3L, 4.5/3L, 4/2L; Flush stability ±0.2L

4 Flush Speed

Tested according to the national standard: 2.08L/S


Operating Power

When the highest working water level is 255mm, the pressing force on the buttons on the supporting panel is 1.5-1.6 Kgf


Frame Strength

Can withstand the deformation under 400kgf weight is OK


Drop Test

After the drop test according to the packaging requirements, the product is not damaged



Test OK under 3 water levels required by the national standard


Slow Speed Life Test

One full row, three half row records once, 100,000 times of cycle test OK (the national standard requires 50,000 times)


Pressure Resistance

Keep 5min OK under static pressure of 2.0MPa


Hidden Water Tank Impact Resistance

1. Rigidly fix the hidden water tank, and apply a force of 100kgf to the water outlet socket;

2. Use a 2kg weight to freely fall from a height of 2.6m and vertically impact the water outlet socket for more than 3 times;

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