• 2020 team photos
    2020 team photos May 20, 2020
    2020 is a very difficult year, since the epidemic is fierce. We all have to wear masks to work, and we heard that shipping costs will also start to rise. This should be a very memorable year, so our company decided to take a very formal team photo. Are you looking forward to what the photo looks like? Next, please see our sunten group picture: This is a picture of our business team: Okay, now we all know each other. Remember us, we are a manufacturer specializing in the production of toilet lids, if you need it, please feel free to contact us. We will contact you as soon as we receive your message. Thank you very much for browsing. Home is where my family is.
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  • Team building day
    Team building day Nov 09, 2020
    The golden autumn is cool, this season is a suitable season to go out and play. At this time in Xiamen, it happened to avoid the heat of summer and the cold of winter. It also avoided the busy purchasing festival and the lively National Day. Xiamen Sunten Sanitary Ware deliberately organized the technical department and the business department to come together for an autumn trip, self-service barbecue, cross-fire experience, mountain skating and parent-child paradise. Because of the severe epidemic this year, everyone did not go out much. Our company also avoided the crowds and chose a more remote place to play. Basically, everyone usually wears masks. Team group photo: Buffet barbecue: Cross Fire: In addition to focusing on product quality, our company also attaches great importance to the company's overall cultural atmosphere. Only with an excellent cultural atmosphere and a harmonious team can things go smoother and more perfect. Our company mainly makes urea-formaldehyde toilet lids, and there will be one or two toilet lids made by PP. We plan to add a new product shower seat next year and hope everything goes well. If you have any products you want to consult, please feel free to contact us. We will reply you as soon as when we received your message. Everything's going to work out. One way or another.
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  • 2021 first day of work
    2021 first day of work Feb 19, 2021
    The magical year of 2020 has finally passed, and we have all returned from the Spring Festival holiday. Today is our first day at work. Follow me to see what is special today. We gathered at the door on the first floor from 8 o'clock, set up offering tables, put on tributes, burned incense and set off firecrackers to celebrate. hope everything goes smoothly in this year and every year is safe. In the end, each of us will receive a red envelope. hope that each of us can get better year after year. The last but very important thing: We are a manufacturer specializing in the production of urea-formaldehyde toilet seats. The quality of the products is very trustworthy. If you don't believe it, welcome to contact us to get samples. If you want somthing, go get it. New year, let's fighting
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  • New office
    New office May 17, 2021
    In the 2021, due to the company's business needs, our business team moved from the second floor to the third floor. Business team is constantly expanding them, hope we can do better. Business team: In order to let customers learn our factory more, we will have live from time to time. Our company's Facebook and Iinkedin will also promote when there are live shows. The company account is: Xiamen Sunten Sanitary Ware Industry Co.,ltd. Don’t follow the wrong one. Our company mainly manufactures toilet lids, and bathroom products are constantly increasing. At present, a shower seat and a three-piece American-style family toilet seat that can be lowered slowly have been added. Of course, we can customize the color for the toilet lid. If you need to develop new products, welcome to contact us. In the coming days, hope we can make persistent efforts and develop more new products. A true hero isn't measured by the size of his strength, but by the strength of his heart.
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  • 2021 National Day holiday notice
    2021 National Day holiday notice Sep 30, 2021
    2021 is the 72nd anniversary of the birth of the People's Republic of China. In this harvest season, we spent an unforgettable Mid-Autumn Festival and ushered in the first long holiday of this year. Holiday time: October 1st to October 8th Due to the Xiamen epidemic, the holiday period may be extended. As of today, there are no new cases in Xiamen, and there may be hope that the epidemic will end on October 14 and work will resume. During this period, there may be problems such as prolonged production and delivery dates, failure to book space, etc. Please understand! At the same time, our business and technical staff work from home. Respond promptly when receiving customer emails and answer questions in a timely manner. If you need to inquire about products such as urea-formaldehyde toilet seats, plastic toilet seats or shower stools, please contact us and we will reply you as soon as possible. I'm gonna make sure that tomorrow is another great day.
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  • Save Electricity Noticed
    Save Electricity Noticed Oct 09, 2021
    Dear Friends, Perhaps you have noticed that the recent “dual control of energy consumption” policy of the Chinese government has had a certain impact on the production capacity of some manufacturing companies, and the delivery of orders in some industries has to be delayed. In addition, the China Ministry of Ecology and Environment has issued the draft of "2021-2022 Autumn and Winter Action Plan for Air Pollution Management" in September. This autumn and winter (from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022), the production capacity in some industries may be further restricted. To mitigate the impact of these restrictions, we recommend that you place an order as soon as possible. We will arrange production in advance to ensure that your order can be delivered on time. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will respond to you as soon as possible. Best Regards, A professional toilet seat manufacturer---Xiamen Sunten Sanitary Ware Industry Co.,Ltd. 2021-10-09
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  • Double Ninth Festival
    Double Ninth Festival Oct 14, 2021
    "Being a stranger alone in a foreign land, I miss my relatives every festive season. I know that my brothers climbed high places and planted cornel with one less person." This poem is most often used to express feelings of homesickness. It basically means that a person leaves his hometown and goes to work in a distant city. In this cool autumn, I think of my parents, brothers and friends in my hometown, and I feel so lonely in this city. In ancient times, the Double Ninth Festival falls on the ninth in the lunar calendar, so it is also called "Chong Ninth". The ancients believed that it was an auspicious day. The current Double Ninth Festival is almost like this. However, on the original basis, the elements of respecting and loving the old have been added. Ascending to appreciate the autumn and being grateful and respecting the old are the two main points of the Double Ninth Festival. Don’t confuse it. Just rely on a "nine" to reflect. There is a lot of information. Among all the numbers, the number of "nine" is the largest. In addition, the "nine" is homophonic, and it also has the meaning of longevity, longevity, and longevity. The Double Ninth Festival entrusts the health and longevity of the elderly. Today's Double Ninth Festival The festival has been listed as an intangible cultural heritage. Every year on the ninth day of the ninth lunar month, it is also designated as the festival for the elderly. Young people should give more care and care to the elderly. Xiamen Sunten Sanitary Ware Industry Co., Ltd. gave the factory a half-day holiday to let employees go home to eat delicious food and chat with their family members. If you want to buy some high-quality urea-formaldehyde toilet seats for your home, please contact us. We mainly do wholesale sales toilet seat, and the price will be lower if the quantity is large; and you can purchase the folder wall mounted shower seat for elder person, it can help them wash more easier. You took the sourest lemon that life has to offer and turned it into something resembling lemonade. Xiamen Sunten Sanitary Ware Industry Co.,Ltd.
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