Double Ninth Festival Oct 14, 2021

"Being a stranger alone in a foreign land, I miss my relatives every festive season. I know that my brothers climbed high places and planted cornel with one less person." This poem is most often used to express feelings of homesickness.

It basically means that a person leaves his hometown and goes to work in a distant city. In this cool autumn, I think of my parents, brothers and friends in my hometown, and I feel so lonely in this city. In ancient times, the Double Ninth Festival falls on the ninth in the lunar calendar, so it is also called "Chong Ninth". The ancients believed that it was an auspicious day.
The current Double Ninth Festival is almost like this. However, on the original basis, the elements of respecting and loving the old have been added. Ascending to appreciate the autumn and being grateful and respecting the old are the two main points of the Double Ninth Festival. Don’t confuse it. Just rely on a "nine" to reflect. There is a lot of information. Among all the numbers, the number of "nine" is the largest. In addition, the "nine" is homophonic, and it also has the meaning of longevity, longevity, and longevity. The Double Ninth Festival entrusts the health and longevity of the elderly. Today's Double Ninth Festival The festival has been listed as an intangible cultural heritage. Every year on the ninth day of the ninth lunar month, it is also designated as the festival for the elderly. Young people should give more care and care to the elderly.

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