Team building day Nov 09, 2020

The golden autumn is cool, this season is a suitable season to go out and play. At this time in Xiamen, it happened to avoid the heat of summer and the cold of winter. It also avoided the busy purchasing festival and the lively National Day.

Xiamen Sunten Sanitary Ware deliberately organized the technical department and the business department to come together for an autumn trip, self-service barbecue, cross-fire experience, mountain skating and parent-child paradise. Because of the severe epidemic this year, everyone did not go out much. Our company also avoided the crowds and chose a more remote place to play. Basically, everyone usually wears masks.

Team group photo:

sunten toilet seat cover

Buffet barbecue:

sunten toilet seat white

Cross Fire

sunten white toilet lid

In addition to focusing on product quality, our company also attaches great importance to the company's overall cultural atmosphere. Only with an excellent cultural atmosphere and a harmonious team can things go smoother and more perfect.

Our company mainly makes urea-formaldehyde toilet lids, and there will be one or two toilet lids made by PP. We plan to add a new product shower seat next year and hope everything goes well.

If you have any products you want to consult, please feel free to contact us. We will reply you as soon as when we received your message.

Everything's going to work out. One way or another.

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