Description of this Slim Square Duroplast Bathroom WC
SU029S WC toilet seat is a super-slim square toilet seat, it is characterized by its modern square-shaped design and can be installed on standard toilet bowls. This is a clear, solid white toilet seat, with a soft close mechanism, durable and can withstand the test of time.
The toilet seat is made of high-quality Duroplast, this material is antibacterial to prevent harmful germs.
Convenient and durable soft close square toilet seat cover minimizes noise and disturbances when you need soft close toilet seat hinges, why you don't buy a new seat for a fraction of the cost and upgrade your toilet seat with this great soft close seat removable seats are now available for quick and quick cleaning and installation.
The square shape of the toilet seat for easy assembly, adjustable hinges to ensure the perfect fit for your toilet seat, making it easy and easy to install.
Toilet seat with soft close mechanism and all necessary fixings for installation are included. It comes with easy to follow instructions.
A great soft close toilet seat that attaches easily in less than 3 minutes. This is a square toilet seat that is quick and easy to clean. Looking forward to your inquiry about the slim square Duroplast bathroom WC toilet seat cover.
Parameters of this Slim Square Duroplast Bathroom WC
This toilet seat dimension is 432*362*49mm.
This toilet seat is scratch-resistant.
This toilet seat is UV-resistant.
The toilet seat is antibacterial.
The toilet seat is flame resistant.
The guarantee of the soft-close function can reach 100,000 times.
The guarantee of the quick release function can reach 30,000 times.
The hinge can rotate 360°, can be adjustable for the need.
This toilet seat can hold up to more than 300kg.
Pictures of this Slim Square Duroplast Bathroom WC
Slim Square Duroplast Bathroom WC
Slim Square Duroplast Bathroom WC


Slim Square Duroplast Bathroom WC



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