Circle round toilet bowl lid urea white toilet seat cover with shoft close

Two button quick release, have slow down and silent.
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Two button quick release, have slow down and silent.

Item: SU026 round toilet seat
Shape: Round
Size: 401*405 mm
Hinge spacing: 140-170 mm
Color: White or customized color
Finish: Glossy

UF antibacterial material

Hinge: Top or bottom fixing
Sample time: 3-5 days
Delivery: 25-30 days
Mention: Welcome to contact us to get more information

wc seat cover

Easy to install

The one-button quick release function makes the installation of the toilet lid very convenient. You only need to gently press the middle to install the toilet lid. Removing and cleaning is the same simple, does not require a lot of effort at all.

Antibacterial Material--UF

It is made of urea-formaldehyde, a material with more than 90% antibacterial agent. The smooth surface is not easy to form stains and is easy to clean.

uf toilet seat cover
soft close toilet seat cover

Soft Close Toilet Seat Cover

The damper slowly lowers, and the slow-down design allows the cover to open and close smoothly, reducing friction and collision, allowing you to fall asleep in a quiet night and have a daily dream.

Top Fixing

This is a Top fixing, suitable for all toilet lids. If you need other styles of accessory, welcome to contact us.

toilet seat fitting

SU026 is a unique round shape toilet seat, With its elegant shape, the white toilet lid flatters the bathroom at the same time it gives the room a modern charm.


The toilet seat is made of high grade of Duroplast material, Duroplast plastic gives the toilet seat a sturdy character. So it can withstand the daily demands effortlessly.

Soft Close:

The round toilet seat has a humanized design, with slow lowering and soft-close function. No annoying noise when switched off. Even children can use our toilet seat safely and happily.

Quick Release:

Quick installation, one push to release Whether installation or disassembly, the hostess can complete it in 3 minutes. This also facilitates quick cleaning and replacement.

This toilet seat also has reliable accessories, the premium fixing parts make people pleasant daily using.


People always say that it's too late. However, in fact, now is the best appropriate time. For a man who really wants to seek for something, every period of life is younger and timely. ——Anna Mary Robertson

round toilet cover

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