Sharing of Key Technical Measures for Toilet Installation Aug 04, 2021

Sunten toilet seat cover

When installing the toilet, firstly point the toilet outlet to the buried sewage pipe opening, then mark the outline of the toilet base and the positions of the bolt holes on the ground with a pencil or stone pen, and remove the toilet to make holes. When installing, remove the pipe plug or special ring plug of the toilet sewage pipe mouth, clean the pipe mouth, and check whether there is any debris in the toilet seat. The area around the toilet sewage mouth and the bottom surface of the toilet seat are plastered with oil, but cannot be smeared excessive.

According to the previously outlined outline, insert the sewage outlet of the toilet into the mouth of the sewage pipe, and repeatedly adjust it with a spirit level, and then slowly squeeze it to make the packing compact and stable. Insert the expansion bolt into the eye of the base and tighten it with a nut (not to use excessive force) to prevent the bottom of the porcelain toilet from cracking.

After being fixed in place, you should wipe off the excess dirt around the toilet and fill it with one or two buckets of water to prevent the putty from blocking the sewage pipe. The plastic seat cover (or UF toilet cover) of the toilet should be installed immediately before handover to prevent the PP toilet seat (or UF toilet seat) from being damaged during construction. Then connect the water inlet hose, the length of the hose should be moderate, and it should not be tightened too tightly to ensure any leakage.

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