• Sanitary fittings acceptance requirements
    Sanitary fittings acceptance requirements Aug 04 , 2021
    The fittings should be complete, the inner and outer surfaces should be smooth, and the gates and overflow edges should be smooth. Recycled plastic products such as plastic sewers and return bends must not be used. Roundness and hardness must be guaranteed; quality problems such as leakage and shedding must not be caused. And a product supervision and inspection certificate from a legal unit. The ...
  • Sharing of Key Technical Measures for Toilet Installation
    Sharing of Key Technical Measures for Toilet Installation Aug 04 , 2021
    When installing the toilet, firstly point the toilet outlet to the buried sewage pipe opening, then mark the outline of the toilet base and the positions of the bolt holes on the ground with a pencil or stone pen, and remove the toilet to make holes. When installing, remove the pipe plug or special ring plug of the toilet sewage pipe mouth, clean the pipe mouth, and check whether there is any debr...

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