Sanitary fittings acceptance requirements Aug 04, 2021

The fittings should be complete, the inner and outer surfaces should be smooth, and the gates and overflow edges should be smooth. Recycled plastic products such as plastic sewers and return bends must not be used. Roundness and hardness must be guaranteed; quality problems such as leakage and shedding must not be caused. And a product supervision and inspection certificate from a legal unit.

Square toilet seat cover

The inspection method is to test-fit the accessories and check whether the screw connection such as the drain return bend can ensure the roundness and the hardness of the screw. All bolts, nuts, and washers used with sanitary ware are galvanized. Galvanized steel pipe, flat steel, angle iron, round steel, splay valve, ceramic valve core nozzle, galvanized pipe fittings, rubber sheet, lead skin, copper wire, putty, asbestos rope, lead oil, hemp, raw material belt, white Cement, white plaster, white plastic sheath, etc.

During the inspection and handling of the sanitary ware, be careful to prevent it from bumping. The inspected products should be repacked, sorted, modeled, and individually packed. Unqualified products should be returned in time. New products should have corresponding new product identification. If you choose to place in the open air, you should prevent heavy products from falling to damage the product.

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