Description of this Bathroom Wrap Over Square UF Toilet Seat
SU032S easy remove toilet seat offers you not only excellent comfort but also enriches your bathroom with a stylish and timeless design.
Thanks to high-quality dura plastic material, both the washable toilet seat and the toilet lids are of particularly high quality. This makes the toilet lids extremely durable.
This toilet lid with automatic lowering guarantees quiet use even when you have children in the house. Also, toilet glasses remain free of scratches.
Thanks to the Quick Release button, your new toilet seat is particularly easy and thoroughly cleaned. With just one click on the button, you can solve and clean your toilet seat.
Our toilet glasses can be attached to the bowl without any further tools. Installation is much easier and faster for you thank our newly developed technology.  Looking forward to your inquiry about the bathroom easy to remove washable wrap over square UF toilet seat.
Parameters of this Bathroom Wrap Over Square UF Toilet Seat
This toilet seat dimension is 424*352*49mm.
This toilet seat is ergonomically designed.
The toilet seat is the ceramic texture, scratch-resistant, and color-fast.
This toilet seat can close gently and quietly.
The guarantee of the soft-close function can also reach 100,000 times.
The toilet seat is easy to clean.
The quick-release function can also reach 30,000 times tests.
The toilet seat can hold up to 300 kg, even 200kg more.
The hinge is made of the stainless steel metal, it gives the toilet seat a durable secure hold.
This toilet seat accepts the logo customized. 
Pictures of this Bathroom Wrap Over Square UF Toilet Seat
Bathroom Wrap Over Square UF Toilet Seat
Bathroom Wrap Over Square UF Toilet Seat


 Bathroom Wrap Over Square UF Toilet Seat



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