Description of this Unique Round Shape Toilet Seat Sandwich Design
SU026S is a unique round shape toilet seat, With its elegant shape, the white toilet lid flatters the bathroom at the same time it gives the room a modern charm.
The toilet seat is made of high grade of Duroplast material, Duroplast plastic gives the toilet seat a sturdy character. So it can withstand the daily demands effortlessly.
The round toilet seat has a humanized design, with slow lowering and soft-close function. No annoying noise when switched off. Even children can use our toilet seat safely and happily.
Quick installation, one push to release Whether installation or disassembly, the hostess can complete it in 3 minutes. This also facilitates quick cleaning and replacement.
This toilet seat also has reliable accessories, the premium fixing parts make people pleasant daily using. 
Parameters of this Unique Round Shape Toilet Seat Sandwich Design
This toilet seat dimension is 405*401*42mm.
This toilet seat is anti-bacterial, robust, non-flammable and scratch-resistant.
The toilet seat is anti-static, it hardly breaks off dust.
This colorfast material does not yellow.
The toilet seat has a soft close function, it can pass 100,000 times function tests.
This toilet seat can also pass the 30,000 times quick release function tests.
This toilet lid and toilet seat carry effortlessly 300 kg.
The stainless steel metal attachment gives a durable secure hold.
Pictures of this Unique Round Shape Toilet Seat Sandwich Design

Unique Round Shape Toilet Seat
Unique Round Shape Toilet Seat


 Unique Round Shape Toilet Seat



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