Description of this D Shape Urea Toilet Seat of SU004 With Quick Release
SU004S is our best seller of the D shape toilet seat, the classical appearance and the European dimension of this toilet seat help itself win the market.
The universal toilet seat covers are made of high class of urea material, all of our products are produced by the 100% new material, thanks to the good quality of the raw material, our toilet seat white has very perfect performance.
The toilet seat is equipped with a soft-close function, the soft-close function comes from our high-quality damper, we produced the damper by ourselves, we use the best damping oil, we also have perfect design of it is plastic, so the plastic can lock the damping oil perfectly, All of the above make our damper have a very good slow down function. Looking forward to your inquiry about universal d shape urea toilet seat covers white with quick release.
The toilet seat also has the quick release function, we had to do the strict test on each quick-release button, to ensure the quick release function can go smoothly. Even for house ladies, they can easily take off the toilet seat for the cleaning.
About the processing, our team strictly keeps on the natural way of the urea material, so our toilet seat is really in very good quality.
The quality control, our quality standard is higher than other manufacturers, we do the quality check for each product, so our products have very good customer satisfaction. 
Parameters of this D Shape Urea Toilet Seat of SU004 With Quick Release
This toilet seat dimension is 450*360*52mm.
This product has a classical appearance and the European standard size.
The product is made of the good quality urea, 100% pure new material makes the toilet seat have very good performance.
The toilet seat has very good scratch resistance, after years of use, the surface will have the same looking as the beginning.
Our toilet seat with soft-close mechanism, the damper is produced by ourselves, it can pass 100,000 times soft close function tests.
The quick-release function will help you take off the toilet seat from the WC easily, it can pass the 30,000 times function tests.
All the fixings are correct and in good quality, the toilet seat can attach to the bowl stably, it will not shake once the screw fixed.
Our QC do the strictly checking for each product, if the product could not pass our strict quality standard, we will scrap it. 
Pictures of this D Shape Urea Toilet Seat of SU004 With Quick Release
D Shape Of Urea Toilet Seat
D Shape Of Urea Toilet Seat


 D Shape Of Urea Toilet Seat




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