Description of this Modern D Shape UF Toilet Seat of SU041
SU051S UF toilet seats are characterized by its modern D-shaped design and can be installed on standard toilet bowls.
This D shape toilet seats have premium quality, made from high-quality durable plastic and stainless steel, which is why toilet seats perfect fit on the toilet bowl. Also, the material is anti-bacterial and at the same time for easy clean. Thanks to the premium materials are long service life.
The toilet seat has a quiet and gentle closing system; to protect the loud and too quick amounts onto the toilet seat. Other as often at beneficial toilet seat, keep the automatic closure of gentlemen for a lifetime.
The Quick Clean Function will help you makes cleaning the toilet seat and the loo bowl. With this function, you can attach the toilet seat a piece of cake with at a flick of a switch of the toilet bowl and back again.
This toilet seats quick release is suitable for any toilet, whether it's for everyday use, in a guest room or for the business of the Gentlemen toilet seat fits easily on any toilet bowl. With the included instruction, with all the necessary screws for the firm and safe and secure installation.  Looking forward to your inquiry about modern D shape UF toilet seats with quick release function.
Parameters of this Modern D Shape UF Toilet Seat of SU041
This toilet seat dimension is 449*365*38mm.
This product fits for universal standard D shape ceramic.
The toilet seat is scratch-resistant.
The toilet seat is UV-resistant
This toilet seat is anti-bacterial.
The toilet seat is stable and durable.
The toilet seat can pass 100,000 times soft close function tests.
The toilet seat can pass the 30,000 times quick release function tests.
The toilet seat can be customized for the logo.
Adjustable 360° stainless steel hinge. 
Pictures of this Modern D Shape UF Toilet Seat of SU041

Modern D Shape UF Toilet Seat
Modern D Shape UF Toilet Seat

  Modern D Shape UF Toilet Seat 




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